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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

yeah, i'll chime in here.

tackhead absolutely smoked around the late 80's.
saw them at the palace in hollywood about 88 and was just blown away. 
wimbush, for me, was hendrix on bass that night...even doing the over 
the head thing and playing with his teeth and shit... just crazy.

IMHO, Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System is a seminal record...so far 
ahead of it's time with the whole dj/band configuration.

also worth checking out might be Mark Stewart and Maffia, which, if i 
remember correctly, is Wimbush, Sherwood and the others, but with 
Mark Stewart at the mike, rather than Gary Clail.

man, it's been a long time since i've dug into that stuff, although 
Tackhead Sound System still finds it's way into the CD player on a 
fairly regular basis.  the samples of Margaret Thatcher do tend to 
date it a bit, though!