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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Latest thoughts

By now the east coast and mid west contingents of LD (including that one 
brave soul up in Montana) must think that the guys on the west coast are 
completely nuts!  Man, what a gaggle of e-mails!
Well, I agree Andre...to REALLY pull this off is gonna take a lot of work.
As for my schedule...my only (well my PRIMARY) responsibility is as 
stay-at-home-dad for my 10 month old daughter, thus allowing Mom to 
contuinue her work as a Jr High Science Teacher. (really, not a bad deal, 
esp. considering I haven't had a "normal" job since 1995!)
So, mid-week stuff would be difficult.  If we are talking about 
week-end-guerilla-action, then it is not a problem, as I can see. A 
road trip to the BAy Area/Santa Cruz is, of course, do-able.
The week of Mar 25-31 is spring break for my wife, and so any of those 
remain open.
I am not sure how this works into Matthias' schedule...

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