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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

One of the bestest & coolest shows I ever saw was way back in the way-back-machine & somewhere in the Late 80's, at a little club in Trenton, NJ called "City Gardens".

A band that I had never heard called, "Tackhead", was playing there which featured a great bass player named Doug Wimbush, whom I was later told was somebody that I had probably heard a bazillion times before on a lot of hit records which he played on thruout the 80's.

&, wasn't Doug Wimbush also involved w/ the early "Sugarhill" Stuff alongwith at some points being in & or also involved with Living Color, Vernon Reid...right?

But man ohhhh man, what a great, really fun & inspirational show Tackhead gave us that nite as the sway Doug Wimbush held with that bass rocked everyone's world thuout the entire evening.

Warmest Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"