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Hey Andre and everyone,

    As RZ mentioned, the Digital Arts Festival is coming this coming month
to Santa Cruz
and I will be performing at it for two nights (with the intention of making
a recording) with
master avante/classical flautist, Robert Dick on Saturday, the 20th and
Sunday, the 21st
at the 418 Gallery.

    Pamela Z will also be on the bill and there is some talk of some
improvisation at the
end of each show........we'll see.    Robert and I are using this
opportunity to try and
develop some material for a recording (either live or manipulated) and I
will be using
a lot of live looping in the process.  We also have dates on the Friday, 
19th at
the San Jose Museum of Art and Monday, the 22 at the Tuva Gallery in

    If you end up doing a little mini tour on any weekend other than this
one,  I would be
available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday nights if it is
within a couple hours
drive of my home.   I won't be able to do a gig as far as San Luis Obispo,
unfortunately, mainly
because I have to actually earn some income this month ;-)

    If that doesn't work out, I'll try my best to come see you guys and
cheer you on.
I'd love to do a little improv with you and/or Mattias and/or RZ if that is
at all possible.

Your duet CD with the trumpeter is just astonishingly beautiful and very
fresh sounding.
I've had it in my car CD player for the last three days.   Incredible work,
my friend.

Check it out, folks, if you haven't hear this one yet (as well as his
wonderful new solo guitar
looping material CD).    I got lucky enought to score one of the free 
that he so
graciously handed out at the end of Loopstock.

Yours,   in creativity and community and solidarity