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squarepusher is the rockinist.
    I'm with Mr. Torn on the album picks...  "Big Loada" and "Music is
Rotted" are the most well composed, with tons of wonderful tracks and a
relatively cohesive feel to them.  Selection Sixteen is kind of spotty in 
opinion - seems like it gets noodly even before the parade of half-finished
bonus tracks.  Finally got "Go Plastic" yesterday and I haven't gotten a
chance to listen seriously yet.

    Track 2 on Big Loada (track 1 on the UK release, I believe) is one of 
favorite songs ever.  Hearing that song derailed my electronic dance
composition for a while, since I kept wanting to just write that song over
again, it was so good.

    to vaguely make this post related to looping - my live electroacoustic
band covered Squarepusher's song, "port rhombus".  And the keyboardist and 
(the guitarist/samplist) used Boomerangs on that tune... a fun song to

-jeff snyder