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Re: Scratch/DJ's/gestural control

zvonar@zvonar.com writes:

>I've met a couple of tap dancers who work with MIDI. One had a 
>specially designed tap floor, the other had a wireless MIDI system 
>strapped to his ankle.
i did an orchestral (multimedia) tour of japan w/ryuichi sakamoto, a 
years ago.
during the performance, both ryuichi & the conductor were wearing these 
*incredible* midi-suits, underneath their stage-clothes.
(the midi-goo made specifically for this tour, by yamaha).
the two guys' gestures --- velocity & movement --- controlled complex 
elements of the CGi-stuff, creating new visuals every night.....
it was very, very beautiful --- very, very smooth..... and impressive;
some nights, i'd inadvertently become so mesmerised by the show that i'd 
forget to play!
dt / splattercell