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Re: edp/repeater 'sequencing' (was loopstock aftershock)

>Yo DT-SC,
you can call me 'd'.

>Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
>> right: a very fruitful technique, there.....
>> 'tis also good w/the repeater, where the triggering sequencer might be
>> to send pitch, track-mix & slipping infos, as well as tempo (should ya
>> that).....

>So far I've just programmed drum machine patterns that switch between
>loops.  The next stage I'm thinking about is setting up patterns that do
>that, PLUS send MIDI note commands to change loop speed, direction (i.e.
>forward/reverse) in conjunction with those loop changes... 
been on that w/repeater, using sequencers --- but i get a *wad* of 
from re-pitching the thing w/sequencer, and without.....

>...and I'm also thinking about some SERIOUSLY stuttery retriggering
>things.  (I wonder what the EDP will sound like if I program a bunch of
>16-note retriggerings and crank the tempo up to 250+...)
>And yes, I'm stealing that last idea right from ya, DT!  :)
(whatever, whatever, steal away..... probably better off in your hands, 
i have a couplafew faders set up to continuously send 'start' 
re-triggers..... one in duple-feel, one in triple-feel & one that 
functionally sends buzillions of (unquantised) 'start' re-triggers --- 
is my fave.....
dt / sack o' smell