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California Looping Tour 2002

Viz a vis a possible California Looping Tour,     I have a circuit that I
have been working very hard to
put together for the last two years.   It involves  the Henry Miller 
in Big Sur, the Cayuga Vault (or
Rio Theatre) in Santa Cruz,  the San Jose Museum of Art, the Tuva Gallery 
Berkeley and the possibility of
a venue in SF (still working on it)  and the Borders in Sacramento.

Having produced the Bass Looping Tour of five cities last summer I can tell
you:    It is a hell of a hell of a lot of work to
pull it off with multiple artists.   I worked for two solid months to make
that tour successful and , essentially, lost a lot of money due to the work
I had to accomplish to pull it off.

I would do it again in a heartbeat, however....................LOOPSTOCK 
so fucking inspiring I can't tell you!!!!

Viz a vis my participation in planning and coordinating the Northern
California leg of such a tour, I can tell you that
I have a 4 city tour and live recording planned with avante garde/classical
Flute master, Robert Dick in late April that will be using my 'circuit' and
I am trying to plan a 1st Japanese Looping Tour for the early summer so I
(as well as trying to complete the music/mixing and artwork for two CDs by
the start of this summer) so I am really slammed and will need to wait at
least until May to consider something like this.

If you guys want to get going before this, I would be more than happy to
give you all of my contacts.   The Cayuga Vault
has been under permitting pressure from the city and so will not be up and
running for at least 6-8 weeks from now.
The Henry MIller LIbrary is not an appropriate venue until the weather gets
substantially warmer.

Not a lot of money can be made in Big Sur because it is pretty far from a
poplulation base.    We can, concievably,
charge in Santa Cruz, but we have promised the Cayuga Vault a really big
Santa Cruz Looping Festival (along the lines of Hans' Loopstock) as a pure
benefit as soon as they are up and running again.

That's my two cents for now and I am painfully aware that I am about 5
Loopers Delight digests away from being current so things may have already
gotten worked out for a tour.

I think we should really try to book into places in the interior of the
state to try to take this music to people who really would never get it
normally:    Bakersfield, Fresno, Tehachipi,  Las Vegas, Redding etc.

What do you guys say?

yours,  Rick  (loop.pool)