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RE: Scratch/DJ's/gestural control

I think that a 'performance' can become much more
interesting, intimate, enveloping, and interactive
when the audience can directly map visual gestures
with the creation or manipulation of the sound.  

I have a depressingly underutilized Buchla Lightning
II (http://buchla.com/lightning/index.html) that I'm
planning on beginning to work with again soon to this
end - hoping that air-drums/tibetan bells/etc. coupled
with spacial CC controllers will prove engaging.

Maybe I'll have my act together (pun intended) to play
at Loopstock II next year <g>.


--- Richard Zvonar <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:
> As for the 
> audience, it perceives the physical effort as the
> cause and 
> manifestation of the musical tension of the
> piece...Even if pushing a 
> button does not need a complex movement, like
> hitting a key on the 
> piano it can be done in an expressive way.

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