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Re: Railroad loops


In messages dated 3/6/02 various individuals wrote:

>>>There is a similar railroad loop in British Columbia and another in 
>>>New Zealand.
>>...and in switzerland. To mount to St Gottardo, you enter the 
>>tunnel, drive for a while, and then come out in the same place, but 
>>higher, you see the beginning of the tunnel right below, its quite 

If I remember correctly, there is a railroad loop (of sorts) just near 
San Luis Obispo, CA. It's a big railroad "horseshoe" (actually more 
like a hairpin) that almost meets itself -- turning back as it climbs 
the Cuesta Grade northwest of town. My kids used to be crazy 
about trains when they were younger and  have some videos that 
show this thing. I saw it myself as I rode the Amtrack Coast Starlight 
train from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area about 22 years ago.

I just checked the web . . . and there's an arial photo at: