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Re: What do loopers do when they're not looping

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From: "Steve Lawson" <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 22:43 PM
Subject: What do loopers do when they're not looping

> Good hearing what you all do in real life... :o)
> I'm a full time musician, and teach bass as well. Used to teach in a
> of music colleges, but found the approach of the colleges to be far too
> to be worth having to work within those frameworks... So I do solo stuff,
> sell solo CDs, teaching, do session stuff (everything from pop gigs to 
> very occasional radio or TV gig)...
> BTW, there's an interview with me just been put up at www.bassically.net
> you're interested, with two exclusive real audio clips. One is from my 
> CD, out in April, with pianist Jez Carr, and the other is a track from my
> gig at The Knitting Factory in LA! :o)
> Sounds like Loop-stock was great - all the looping gigs that i've been
> involved in in CA have been wonderful (normally through the creative
> of Rick Walker), and I'd have loved to have been there, especially as so
> many artists who's music I really enjoy were playing - Rick, Bill, Max, 
> Z, Andre (Ok, you didn't play...) - all people I've seen live (ranging
> some duo lunacy in the case of Dr Z, to about 7-8 sets in the case of Max
> and Rick.
> We really do need to do something in London - please e-mail me if you're
> the UK and would be interested...

Yes!  London would be nice! :)
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