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Digitech Power Supply Issues

Hello all,

I've been using a Digitech RP12 for several years now (and a DL4 along 
with it
for a year or so), and last night when I took the power supply out of my
carrying bag to set everything up at home, I noticed that there was a small
slice in the power supply's cable. It's not that big, but big enough for 
me to
see the conducting copper (I assume it's copper) within, and that it has 
slightly severed as well. 

Thinking that it was merely a surface wound, I put some tape on around the 
and plugged it in. The RP12 didn't power up, so I unplugged it. I then 
began to
notice the characteristic burning-type smell of electricity and 
electronics gone
awry coming from the transformer box on the power supply.

It seems to me that it's dead, but I wonder if a quick solder job could 
fix it.
Anyone know if that is worth attempting? Or is it best to just replace it? 
not an electrical expert by any means. It just seems like a tiny little 
that perhaps has a simple solution.)

And if replacement is the correct route, I've also seen replacement supplys
online for $35, and I'm also told that generic ones are be available. Does
anyone know if the generic ones are as good? Or of a place in NYC where I 
pick one up? The supply called is the "PS0920".

Just hoping someone who's been through something similar can shed a little 
on this.

Thanks for reading, and for any input anyone can give.