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Re: what do loopers do when they're not looping?

Although I've been out of work much of the time lately, in recent 
years my main gig has been as a general factotum for Level Control 
Systems (LCS) <http://www.LCSaudio.com>, doing everything from 
technical and marketing writing to trade shows to technical support 
to customer training to hardware and software testing. I also do some 
creative and technical consulting for artists and organizations, and 
I've done a bit of teaching at Cal Arts and UCLA Extension.

Lately I've been doing  a lot of volunteer work for the Los Angeles 
chapter of American Composers Forum, helping to organize our Web site 
and starting up a technology program oriented toward the interests 
and needs of composers. You can check us out at <http://composers.la>.

My music isn't all loop-based. This past year I made one piece for 
8-channel surround, using cricket and frog sounds as sources, and I 
made another piece for nine MIDI-controlled toy pianos.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202