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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?!

Andre, you rock!  I was thinking much along the same lines! So..LA, 
SLO..how's about Santa Barbara? Santa Cruz (Rick? Bill? Richard?)
and bay area....hmmmm let us discuss this further, Andre. (and anyone else)
Interesting side point.  I live in Tehachapi CA.  near here is  famous 
landmark (historical marker) for a thing called "The Tehachapi Loop" it is 
length a railway, where when they were building the first RR's in the 
it was the first place where engineers designed the tracks to "loop" over 
itself in order to gain altitude and make it over the mtns. I suppose that 
was a big feat in the 1850s...
nonetheless, railway afficianados from around the worold come to visit 
One of my first solo/looping shows was, of course, here.  BIlled as a 
looping show, it was to my utter surprise and chagrin that 70% of the 
audience were railroad buffs expecting a train show!  Probably to their 
surprise, too!  But most stayed...it was actaully well attended about 
Just a thought....what's a loop tour without a stop at the Tehachapi Loop?

>Here are some brain-storming ideas:
>-- CD sales could help offset expenses; I know Max and myself both have
>discs we could hawk.
...of course, Andre....
>-- There's been talk about doing some sort of clinic type thing with
>Matthias.  If we could find some sort of Bay Area performance
>venue/clinic space, and ask for some sort of suggested donation at the
>door, that would certainly help.
again..clinics are good
>-- How realistic would it be to find a handful of amenable venues
>between LA and the Bay Area that would offer a reasonable guarantee for
>three or four acts?
>For that matter, what would constitute a reasonable guarantee?
>For me personally, I could probably do a tour for about $20 - $30 a day
>(for gas money and miscellaneous expenses), assuming I could find a few
>floors to crash on along the way.  Making a profit would certainly be
>nice, but breaking even is a lofty-enough goal to shoot for at this point.

> > Rick W. and I have discussed the possibility of a central Cali loop
> > tour...with a possible hit in Vegas....
>Let me see here: Max, Rick W, myself... Hans?  You want to join the
>Logistically (and financially), it might be easier for just a couple of
>folks to hit the road, and hook up with various other people at gigs
>along the way...  and since Max and I are (relatively) in the same part
>of town, it would probably be easiest for us to coordinate a route.
>Though it would be great fun to have other people along for the full 

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