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RE: vocal looper?

Just curious, why not use one of the 5 tracks (4+1) on your RPTR and EDP?
I have both and find the EDP is wonderful for vocals in concert with 'backing tracks' on the RPTR. Or put vocals on the RPTR (its endlessly fascinating to pitch and or phrase shift vocals!)

Neil Goldstein
Portland, Oregon

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Subject: vocal looper?

Who out there is doing vocal loops and what are you using to pull it off?


I right know am using a Repeater and an EDP for percussive and acoustic guitar loops

accordingly. They are both midi synced as well. But I would like to have a separate looper

that would be footpedal activated to capture come vocals on the fly. I don’t really want to spend a

mint (like I did on the repeater and EDP) I was thinking about the Akai Headrush or the Line 6 DL-4. I guess I lean toward the Akai from what I’ve read. With either of these I don’t think they have the midi sync capability but I’m not sure that would be a big problem since the vocal loops wouldn’t last the whole song just short parts.


Any ideas/advice is much welcomed…


Kevin McPeak