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Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

I dont quite understand what you are saying here, but you are right 
that there may be the desire to make a muted loop sensitive or 
frozzen in DelayMode.

Now when you press Overdub, you automatically come out of Mute.
Is that wrong?
Or does anybody use Overdub to come out of Mute?

>Extra button presses and delay- I would have to Mute- Record- Un-Mute-
>instead of just Rec- Mute (then un-mute later when I want the loop again) 
>I would assume that even in Delay mode once I hit Overdub to capture the
>loop the only way to add to it would be to hit Overdub again, add, then
>Overdub again to re-capture the loop. I can see how adding to a loop 
>hearing it can be fun- but I would just use the Mix knob myself- Thanks 
>the suggestion.
>>  can't you just unmute after you play what you want in the loop?
>>  (instead of before)
>>  i think that's what they intended for this feature...
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>>  > I see that Mute silences the Output but for me it would be really 
>>  > if it also silenced the input to the loop in Delay mode- I use Delay
>>  > mode then Overdub to grab chunks of my playing and process/record it
>>  > down the chain- I wonder if I am missing something that allows this
>>  > already? If not- is it possibly included in the upgrade? Thanks-
>>  >
>  > > Cliff


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