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Re: A Post Loopsatock Debriefing (One Perspective)

Good question Mark - I was wondering the same thing on Sunday after
everyone left.

I work as an engineer for Ernie Ball, Inc., makers of fine guitars and
basses, strings, and accessories.  My primary job functions are CNC mill
programming, tooling design, quality assurance, and computer aided
design.  Mostly better, faster, cheaper, easier type of stuff.  I also
am involved in a lot of special projects.  This week we're building a
custom doubleneck 6/12-string guitar for John Petrucci of Dream
Theater.  My masterpiece is a completely self-contained mobile stage -
check it out:


By the way, if anyone is an expert at setting up guitars, Ernie Ball
needs somebody here ASAP to run the setup department.


Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> Which leads me to my next question/thread, what do loopers do when
> they're not looping?  How do we pay for all this stuff?  Just curious...