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Dear Loopers,

Thanks to all of you who came out to Loopstock to perform, help, and
observe.  I hope everyone has at least partially recovered by now. 
Thanks also for your kind words before, during, and after the show.  It
was a real honor to be able to host such an event and to meet and
perform for all of you, and I hope to be part of many such events in the
future.  Everybody was just so nice.  Now I feel like part of a real
community instead of just a virtual one.

I'll leave performance reviews to the more eloquent among us, other than
to say that each and every act was amazing and enlightening and
humbling.  I'm especially glad to have been able to provide a venue for
Steven Rice's first public loopage (congratulations - great job Steve!)
and also for Mark Hamburg's beautifully triumphant reappearance after 15
years away from public performance.

>From what I've heard, everybody seemed to have had a wonderful time at
Loopstock, and a number of people have said that they can't wait to do
it again.  Me either, although I propose that the organizational aspects
of it be distributed between members of a team.  Don't get me wrong - it
was a great experience to (barely) have pulled this thing off, I just
didn't realize what a large chunk I was biting off when I took names for
a tentative "Central Coast Looping Festival".  For it to have been done
right, there was enough to do for probably six or eight people, maybe
more.  Watch for Loopstock 2003 committee signups coming soon....


-Hans Lindauer