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Re: Looping with EDP

> Why not make a simple video tape instruction? You could simply tape the
> instruction with attendees or just do a "bedroom" style version solo- 
> way you could offer your 1 time instruction to many more people than 
> be able to attend live in Oakland- I'm sure someone on the list could
> provide VHS duplication- there could even be a cd version with a .mov 
> instead- I figure if you have the fire to do the instruction it might as
> well be exploited to its fullest potential- and who better than one of 
> creators themselves!

I can capture to mini-DV, with shure wireless mics for the spoken portion. 
can then encode it to streaming media, and host it for a while; enough time
for everyone on this list to see/hear it and grab a copy.

Just say when and where.