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Re: Looping with EDP

Why not make a simple video tape instruction? You could simply tape the
instruction with attendees or just do a "bedroom" style version solo- This
way you could offer your 1 time instruction to many more people than would
be able to attend live in Oakland- I'm sure someone on the list could
provide VHS duplication- there could even be a cd version with a .mov file
instead- I figure if you have the fire to do the instruction it might as
well be exploited to its fullest potential- and who better than one of the
creators themselves!


PS- Don't use Kim's old BetaMax video camera. ;)

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> "M. Steven Ginn" <sginn@airmail.net> said:
> >I have read the EDP manual, which just seems to be a reference manual
> >describing each function of the EDP and I have found it difficult to
> >envision how I would use this live.  There aren't any suggestions about
> >signal routing, types of effects that you can accomplish, etc.  I have
> >seen some of the tips stuff on the loopers-delight site, but they seem
> >to be more like nice ideas and cool things to try, rather than the hows
> >and whys.  Is there some place that I can go to learn more about this?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Steve
> I thought about doing some teaching during the month I am still in
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