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Re: LoopStock Recordings

Thats a nice one!

>Hi everyone-
>  I haven't yet examined the recordings from loopstock, but I'll be 
>doing that this weekend.  I'm excited to hear the results!  Anyway, 
>I'd like to offer each of you a few options up front for how I 
>should handle the recording of your show.  Please respond with your 
>preferences when you have a chance:
>[ ] Please destroy all evidence of my performance immediately
>[ ] Please place my performance on a CD and mail it to me, and agree 
>not to release my recording under any cicumstances
>[ ] Please create mp3s of my performance and let me hear them and 
>tell you what to do
>[ ] Please create mp3s of my performance and release them to the LD 
>Also, you have the option of letting me use my judgement on how to 
>prepare your recording (basic mastering process), or to leave the 
>digital bits just as they appear on the DAT.

I would love to listen to it with you and maybe do some edits!
Its a bit too much material, so maybe each one could suggest parts 
that he especially likes and want them to be published...


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