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My generation etc..

The one and only time I saw the Who was at the infamous Cow Palace show
where Kieth Moon was reportedly slipped a micky of some sort and literally
passed out on top of his drum kit. about 15 minutes later Pete Townshend
brought him back out kicking and screaming (theatrically speaking) and they
proceeded into the Quadraphrenia material. After another few minutes Kieth
goes down again. this time after about 20 minutes Pete comes out and
announces kieth will not be returning and is there a drummer in the house?
After another few minutes Pete announces a guy by the name of Steve from
the audience would be filling in for Mr. Moon. As dissapointing as this was
the guy actually pulled it off, and got his 15 minutes of fame playing with
the Who. I always wondered why they did'nt use the drummer from the opening
act Lynrd Skynrd. Maybe like me they were offended by the big confederate
flag hung up behind the stage.