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Re: A Post Loopsatock Debriefing (One Perspective)

At 10:59 PM -0800 3/4/02, Mark Hamburg wrote:

>We should have asked how many people were essentially debuting or close to
>it at Loopstock.

I was "dusting off" a performance mode that I've done quite a lot 
over the decades but haven't done for close to four years. I've done 
some duo electroacoustic performance with Diamanda Galas, Robert 
Black, and others, and I was performing regularly with the band 
Cosmic Debris for about three years, processing the other members 
(flute, voice, keyboard, percussion, etc) through two Eventides. The 
band broke up, then I got sick and was out of it for more than a 
year. Now I'm getting back into music making in a variety of modes 
including electric and MIDI guitar (with and without looping), 
electroacoustic improvisation (as I did at Loopstock), and composing 
fixed-media pieces (MIDI sequencing, digital musique concrete).

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202