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as the <richie havens> of loopstock all i can say is wot a wknddd!!!
loopstock-not just a concept, but a real bunch a people doin their damndest
fer the cause...
i am not good w/ compliments,givin um or gettin um but that little get
together on saturday was an eye opener. i am humbled by the company i was
keepin and as groucho said: "i'd never join a group that would have me as a
member" i am proud to know each and every one of youse guys...
and as i overheard someone say 'how lucky we all were to here matthias do
his live thang short of goin to south america how could ya?'
i think i was the only <PCM42> guy there and to run into gary hall made my
one question-why didnt kim play? not really a fair question,'cause i dont
know if he do play er wot...?
well, lets do it again(ninator...!)
special thanx to hans-howja do that??