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Loopstock, Hans, and a bag of goodies (was Re: Map to Loopstock??? Address???)

um, i actually grabbed the bag of goodies on the way out,
thinking it was litter, didn't notice a name on it, wups.
(  ironically, i left my indian food leftovers in Hans'
refrigerator, but ended up with Dave's bag of goodies on my way
back to san jose and boston.  i was a little groggy that
morning, having slept a 7am to 1pm or something shift according
to my timezone.  although the acoustic foam some of us camped
out on (courtesy of Hans) was pretty darn comfy none the less.

Loopstock was fantastic!  a great time, well worth the trip to
meet everyone and hear what they're doing!  it was fascinating
to see the variety of approaches being taken.

looking forward to the next one.  i definitely have to swing
down to the ny saturday loop special, and it'd be great to throw
a loopfest in boston.  this event was inspiring.  THANK YOU
HANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8^D

mike (back in boston, and still grooving to Dr.Z's 'My
Generation' ;-)

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> Hi Papa Dave-
> We split the Fig Newtons between us.  Jon Wagner ate one of
the candy
> bars.  I'm not sure about the yogurt or the liquorice, but you
may never
> see them again.
> Sorry,
> -Hans
> David Potter wrote:
> >
> > Hi Hans, thanks for all you did for Loopstock....you and
this event
> > will long be remembered!!I might have left my water jug a
half gallon
> > one with my name on it and  a bag of goodies fig cookies,
liqorice and
> > candy bars....give them to Rick or Bill Walker if you get
> > there was a quart of Nancy's yogert in the bag too.  Peace
> > Blessings to you....
> >
> >                    Love, Papa Dave
> >
> > Hi there,Peace to All who enter here,  Love Dave