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Re: A Post Loopsatock Debriefing (One Perspective)

KILLINFO@aol.com wrote: Flanked

> by Valerie and Katrin on keys and Chapman stick (I don't
> remember which was which, ladies, sorry)

Katrin Schenk on Chapman Stick and Valerie Hilligan on Keyboards and Korg
KAOSS pad.

> Sleep also should get some sort
> of award for "Most Convoluted Cable Array" and for the
> fact that Mark seemed to be constantly re-patching things
> manually during the proceedings to get ever more perverse
> new combinations of FX.

Ah hah ahhahahahha, I wish.  I tripped over some cords while setting up and
yanked power from half my gear!  I was just plugging it all back in!  Not 
glamorous.  This was our second public show, and we're still having setup
issues.  I'm trying to think of ways to keep all the sonic options I have 
but keep it to a single rack.  Now that I've been awarded "Most Convoluted
Cable Array" I may totally have to rethink this path and buy some more 
and make it even crazier.  People like Matthais inspire me to keep my 
hands on
my guitar more though...

Mark Sottilaro

P.S.  I really enjoyed your show and CD too!