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Re: CFC question (repeater)

i have a friend with a repeater and he did have some trouble with the 
CFC - there is a specific one that works best, so be aware ;) i will ask 
him which one it was...


On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 08:49  AM, Evan Meyers wrote:

> okay, i know i should be checking the archive for the
> answer to this, but i figured, i'd eventually come to
> the list for popular consensus anyway...
> i ended up heading out to alto music in middletown
> yesterday and left with a repeater after scoping out
> its capabilities (what a machine!)...and now to make
> my unit complete, i need to get some type 1 CFCs.
> what do you guys find is the best card to use with the
> repeater?  how much space do you get normally for a
> card (and approx how much data does that hold in
> actual loop time storage)?  also, where do you
> noramlly go to buy these flash cards.
> also, are there any other add-ons to these machines
> (aside from the footswitch and external effects) that
> can help make it a more powerful tool?
> any and all help is appreciated!
> thanks, e va n
> happy looping!
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