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Re Papa Dave's Food/ Loopstock

 I'm sorry, I took the yogurt, and early Sunday morning,while all the
little loopers were fast asleep, I smeared it over their faces, and watched
in delight as Hans' siamese cats licked it off, funny how no one seemed to
mind, or wake up, though I'm almost certain I could hear moans of
ecstacy..Kim's face in particular, had a look of beautific satisfaction on
  Thanks for a great event and all of your hard work, Hans, and thanks all
who participated,and drove or flew many miles to take part. It was really
wonderfull to hear such musical diversity, and to meet all of you stellar
individuals. It was refreshing to be a part of such a cooperative, ego-less
affair. Was it Bartok who said, "competition is for horses"?  Well, it was
a treat to be a part of a festival relatively devoid of a "battle of the
bands" atmosphere. My only regrets, are that I did'nt get to see everyone
play, owing to recon missions for food and caffiene, and I wish I could
have heard Andre play, and Mathias play more. Next time perhaps. Maybe one
day, we'll even get DT out to the left coast. Hats off to Max V, Ted K,
Rick W, Mark H. and anyone else who managed to overcome technical
difficulties, and proceed to play brilliantly.
 I felt like I was at a big genial group therapy session for people with
"Gear Acquisition Syndrom" , but instead of  helping us to cure our gear
addictions, it just seemed to fuel them. Well, there are certainly much
worse compulsive activities. Next time, perhaps we can work in a bit of
loop clinic activities, for the newbies, and folks wanting to learn more
about the technical side of   looping, routing, and effects applications.
 It was a pleasure and an honor to participate,
Bill W