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Re: did i miss something (repeater flash cards)

> >after sifting through the archives about repeater
> >flash cards, i still would love to hear which ones
> the
> >folks from this board use, and where they get them?
> The best document is the one that Electrix has
> on their site!

do members of this board have a favorite card that
they use or a favorite place where they purchase these
> >but, i noticed that everything says that the
> repeater
> >comes with a flash card...after inspecting my
> manual's
> >inventory section, i noticed that this was not
> listed
> >and there is no flash card that came with my unit. 
> is
> >this wrong?  am i owed a flash card or was this
> >changed somewhere along the line?  please let me
> know!
> It comes in an envelope with the rest of your
> stuff...
> be careful, I almost threw mine out.

ooh, thanks...i'll have to check!  there was an
envelope with the unit, but i thought that it only had
the screws for rack mounting, i'll have to double

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