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Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

The Ineko does seem like it would do the trick... but it's a table top 
unit, as is the Roland EF-303 (http://namm.harmony-
central.com/SNAMM00/Content/Roland/HotPick/EF303.html).  My MASTER PLAN 
is to keep a single 6 space rack that I can plug power in, my guitar and 
be done.  Thanks for the info though, I'm sure this would be nice for 
the studio.

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 12:07  AM, John Tidwell wrote:

> Although I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it,
> Alesis is coming out with a single space rack unit
> called AKIRA. I think it's supposed to sell for
> around $250. I'm wondering if it's a rack version of
> their INEKO processor. If so, it would have filter &
> vocoder effects as well as delay & reverb.
> http://www.alesis.com/news/press/Ineko.html
> The only other things I can think of are the Eventide
> Eclipse, a used Korg AM8000R (don't know if it does
> vocoder), maybe the Lexicon MPX-1 (again, vocoder??).
> Which Roland device were you considering?
> John
> --- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> after lugging two racks of gear down to Loopstock, I
>> found myself asking
>> the ever new question, "Isn't there a smaller way to
>> do this?"  What I'm
>> basically hoping for is to replace my MO-FX (tempo
>> based delay, flange
>> and tremolo) and Warp Factory (Vocoder) with one
>> unit, perferably a
>> single rack space number.  Lot's of knobs aren't
>> really all that
>> relevent to me, as a guitarist, presets that I can
>> control via midi are
>> better for me.  Roland makes a cool little number,
>> designed for DJs, but
>> it's a tabletop number, which isn't the best for my
>> dream of a
>> guitar-rack-amp setup.  Anything like this out
>> there?
>> Mark Sottilaro
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