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Re: Loopstock 2002...

Oh and by the way, what an AMAZING TIME IT WAS! Such performances! So diverse! We in the SF bay area need to make this a monthly thing, at the very least! (let's do it a bit closer to home, eh?)

the great thing was, when the power cords got yanked out of my Mo-FX and Vortex, instead of my usual panic, I thought, "Oh, these guys understand more than anyone..."

Thanks again Hans! Hans, btw, I'm seriously worried about the possibility of you getting a hernia. DAMN do you have gear! An impressive showing of force, but I left thinking, "I wonder if they could have done much the same show with 2 turntables, mics, two iBooks, and an EDP or so..."

I think Jon Wagner (his performance with Mattias Grob made me weep, I swear!) made a dat of the whole thing. Jon, if you need a system to edit it down on, I make my MOTU DP3 system open to you for post production. I'd love to have a recording of this amazing event.

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, March 3, 2002, at 06:50 PM, David Potter wrote:

oops thought that my message was going to Hans sorry..

      ..Loopstock was wonderful....much loopage and friendship...Loopers-Delight legends  Kim Flint, Mattias Grob, Rick and Bill Walker, Andre Lafosse, Stanitarium, Max, Dr Z, Ted and Dr Bob's great loop adverture and many more I can't remember them all.  Hope tihis was just the begining....(and I was at the first one)...nice to put faces to the cyber tags......see ya next time.......Om and Out,   Papa Dave

Hi there,Peace to All who enter here,  Love Dave

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>Subject: Re: Map to Loopstock??? Address???

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>The venue is at 778 Francis Street, San Luis Obispo.


>How's this for a URL:












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>Subject: Map to Loopstock??? Address???



> > Several of us are looking for a map to Loopstock. Does anyone have one?


> > at least the address to make a yahoo map...Om and Out Papa Dave

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