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Steve LaFosse/Andre Lawson - the chimera!

>>>>Fair enough, S-Man, as I've been playing in a looping duo with a
keyboardist lately.  I guess now we need to see which one of us can cop
as many tricks as possible from the other's bag!  ;)  (I expect we'll be
utterly indistiguishable from one another around 2007...)<<<

I think I'd do better out of that exchange that you would... :o)

tell us more about your duo - any gigs planned that I can get really miffed
at not being able to get to.

BTW, talking of duos with keyboard players, my duo CD with Jez Carr will be
out in April, and there'll be another track from it posted at
http://www.bassically.net in a couple of days time, along with an interview
with me, and a live track from the Knitting Factory gig in January... We're
mastering the CD in Abbey Road next week, the artwork is done, and it'll be
off to be pressed in about a week! There are already two tracks in real
audio form on my website, which at the moment, due to glitchy web-hosting
thingies is best found through http://www.pillowmountainrecords.co.uk

>>>Congratulations on the acquisition!  I think you'll find the shift from
DL4 to EDP similar to going from a scientific calculator to a Pentium 4
PC.  Hint of the decade: Quantize changes EVERYTHING.<<<

Well, there are still quite a few things that I can do with the DL4 that
can't be done on the EDP, but I am loving delving into the EDP - I'm just
beginning to scratch the Quantize surface. I've already rearranged quite a
few of my tunes to feature some EDP related jiggery-pokery - much fun all

>>>By the way, I haven't been able to access your site via the standard URL
for several days now...  Wha'appen?<<<

Big server crash last week, not good, but site is now accessable again, and
proper URL should be working again soon - for now it's

>>Yours is transcontinental EDP-mongering down-homeyness,<<

nuff respec'