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Re: prog-rock (way off-topic)


thanks for your response!

if you are knowledgeable about Hawkwind (of which i am totally NOT).

are you familiar with a low budjet compilation video that was done on 
them circa '90-'91?

if memory serves me at all, it might have had helios creed on it as 
well, and two other l.a. based bands, Pressurehed and Gravity 

the reason i ask is that i was a member of gravity throttle, and we 
were talking with a gentleman at the time who had video'd of few of 
our performances and supposedly was releasing this video comp.  he 
was a bit of a flakey/shady guy, and we lost contact with him 
eventually as the release date got pushed back and pushed back...

i don't know if the video ever got released.

does this ring any bells?



>----- Original Message -----
>From: "rich" <rich@nuvisionsca.com>
>: i will say thank you, David, for grilling me on my inaccuracies of
>: lumping krautrock and spacerock bands into the prog-rock genre.
>: heartfelt apologies all around.
>No apologies needed -- as usual for a Thursday night/Fiday morning, I was
>furiously writing *about* music, and got all nitpicky (I write for All 
>Guide, byline of Steven E. McDonald; I'm one of the nuttier writers there 
>the resident VDGG/Hammill/Hawkwind goto -- though Bruce Eder was going 
>and neck with me on Hawkwind for a while.)
>I need to learn to take a deep breath at times like that, and remember 
>It's All Music ... and relax.
>So ... my apologies to you for coming on strong.
>(In the AMG world, by the way, VDGG seem to be officially art-rock.)