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Re: prog-rock (way off-topic)

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From: "Miko Biffle" <biffoz@pacbell.net>

: > Van Der Graaf Generator/Van Der Graaf fell in and out of the prog-rock
: spacerock categories, but as they tended to be all over the place, I 
: hesitate to use the prog label as a focus.  Both the drummer and 
: player were quite accomplished jazz players, the keyboards player went on
: build organs for churches, and the vocalist, Peter Hammill, turned up at
: point with an opera in hand.
: I may not be following popular definitions of prog, but I believe so many
: creative blends of genres ARE progressive. I wouldn't want prog to be 
: large definition that *everything* falls in...
: I tend to think of space-rock and kraut-rock all as components of
: with Van Der Graaf Generator right at the top of the list! Peter Hammil 
: such an amazingly powerful singer and performer... Just him and a piano
: doing renditions of the band pieces is simply awe inspiring.

Well, your point is arguable, but is it worth the argument?  I think you
make a good point; as I said in the previous message, I was in Killer
Nitpick mode.  The conensus these days seems to be to place VDGG into the
prog-rock category, with some of Peter's work following suit; several of 
Long Hello projects would also fall easily into prog, though Guy Evans and
David Jackson are now well beyond that boundary again (Guy with Echo City,
Jackson with his Soundbeam and Tonewall work.)

It all ends up meeting *somewhere*, it seems.

Agreed about Peter.  One of my assignments at the moment involves writing
about 45 of his songs, and I'm struck repeatedly by how good his work is --
sure, I can find flaws from song to song, but they're overpowered by the
strengths.  The major exception: "The Polaroid." That was Peter attempting
to be funny.  Oh, the pain.  (On the other hand, there's "An Epidemic Of
Father Xmas," which is outright the most lunatic thing ever performed by

I could go on for pages.  so I won't. :)