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Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven

Dear Loopers ,

For those of you who like shopping for gear, you may want to check out
Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven on the way to Loopstock.  Lightning Joe's is
in Arroyo Grande, about ten miles south of San Luis Obispo on the 101.

Joe's has a great selection of used gear, and he and his wife are really
helpful.  I bought the only Echoplex Digital Pro that they had a couple of
years ago, but I've seen a couple of MIDI routers and mixers in there, and
LOTS of other interesting-looking processing gear, pedals, amps, and (of
course) guitars and basses.

To get there, take the Grand Avenue exit East off the 101, and you'll see
their corner shop on the right-hand side of Grand about two blocks off the
freeway.  They open at noon.

Happy hunting, and tell 'em I sent you,