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RE: prog-rock (way off-topic)


This'll probably sound obvious compared to the other suggestions, but give
Genesis' "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" 5 or 10 listens (if you haven't
already). It will grow on you in a very lovely way. Oh, and don't forget
Yes "Fragile".

Have you listened to any math rock? It's not progressive rock but takes the
"power" in progressive to an extreme (sometimes adding weaving Frippesque
lines, always playing around with time signatures). Don Caballero's "Don
Caballero 2" is a great example of this kind of music. Remember, it's
called math rock for a reason. Who would think of singing while trying to
solve a quadratic equation? That's not a slam, just a bit of a heads up.
BTW, I've always wondered why these math guys haven't integrated looping
into their music. It's practically begging for loops.

Happy hunting,
Another Jim

> i'm really
> digging for some new (new to me) progressive rock bands.  i do
> love kc from
> early 80's, i don't like dream theatre-types, so any suggestions are
> welcome.  progressive rock is the one field i'm not terribly familar with
> (as opposed to jazz, independent rock, classical which i have a
> pretty firm
> grasp on).
> thanks for the suggestions.
> -jim