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Re: a new kind of meeting

thanks for this link
very interesting stuff...

"No, it's a wheel, I tell the world. And it's all square."
love it.
nonsensical sense?

i wonder how much vico influenced persig's theory 
of bipolar forces causing cycles in historical periods
in western societies (classical, romantic)

to me, this seems more directly applicable to music, where
polar opposites are often used to convey meaning
ex.  consonance/dissonance, loud/soft, tension/release, etc...
though persig was referring to a more direct application of
the tao to western society...

haven't read joseph campbell's stuff yet, but i saw the pbs series about 
the relationship of myth to these cycles sounds like his sort of thing...
i really like the notion that thunder spawned religion in
the form of "idolatrous animism."

"Thus Vico asserts the spontaneity of language and denies the dualism of 
poetry and language"
this seems to strike right to the heart of the dichotomy of music as 
or music as abstract art.  i never understood this distinction either...

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> >life can appear very cyclic.
> Giambattista Vico thought so:
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