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RE: rumour: repeater ceases production??

Hiya Loopers,

        I think I know where the confusion is occurring in these rumours.
Electrix *is* currently changing the method of Repeater's distribution.
Units are still available at many retailers and we still have stock on 
There may be a short gap in production while we organize our new mode of
distribution, but this does not affect the technical support or warranty of
Repeater (or any Electrix product).

        It seems that this little piece of information took on all sorts of
new forms at NAMM (aka: the telephone game).

        If anyone has any further concerns, or would like to know where to
buy a Repeater please feel free to contact Electrix at info@electrixpro.com

Best, Jamie.

Jamie Drouin
Visual Designer
Electrix/IVL Technologies Ltd
6710 Bertram Place, Victoria, BC, V8M 1Z6 Canada

email... jamie@electrixpro.com  fax... 250-544-4102  voice... 250-544-4114

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> I heard this rumor at NAMM a lot--Jamie probably knows as much as 
> so let's believe him--every day is a new day.