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Re: a new kind of meeting

I think it has to do with the circle - O.  A universal energy thing.

I could say a lot more, but maybe later.


At 10:22 AM 2/28/02 -0800, you wrote:
>I am flying over the wast snowy US, full of expectations for new 
>experiences. I have only been twice to US for a longer time:
>A raft trip down the Missisipy and hippy car travel to SF in '81
>A month at Gibson lab in '93 to update the LOOP delay to the Echoplex 
>(thats when I met Kim).
>This time will be much different again, since I have the guitar with me.
>... and I let the thoughts come:
>There have been congresses about any kind of subject, where 
>information is exchanged through speach and text.
>There have been religious meetings to celebrate rituals of all kinds.
>There have been concerts, festivals, where fans of some style 
>apreciated it together.
>There have been workshops, where practical knowedge has been tought 
>in more or less free froms.
>But have you heard of a meeting of users of a new technology or style?
>Did the saxophone players meet in the 40ies to show the whide 
>application of it to each other? Or the sythesizer players in the 
>Or have you heard that musicians of some style met in a bigger number 
>in a organized way to exchange their music and tricks?
>What is it that looping has to call for such meetings?
>Its not just now that it started. I dont know about the history, 
>please complete here.
>I had that vision from the very start and on the first flyer about 
>the LOOP delay I suggested the foundation of:
>  "LOOPGROOP, Forum for Loopology and repetitive happenings".
>In '95, I started the first project to exchange tapes, which was not 
>a success (since I was too far away and I am not a talent in 
>organizing such things) but the tapes sent in ended up on the first 
>Loopers-Delight CD.
>Only Kim and the internet made the exchange possible, and if you read 
>back the first postings to LD, you dont see "nice that there is a 
>place now where I can ask how to connect my equipment" but: .......
>Then more CDs, the CT project, Loop festivals kept naturally 
>happening, iniciated by many different people. So its not like a 
>religion that starts due to the inspiration of a guru, but due to the 
>"thing" that makes us invest time and efforts into a comunity. Its as 
>if we did believe in something that grows.
>Sure the Rastas believe in Reggae, but first of all they believe in 
>Jah, so its not the music that makes them meet. Country music has 
>some background with cows and hats and trucks that I dont understand 
>much about, but is definitally a lifestyle. Similar observations can 
>be made about all musical styles, but not about looping, so far, or 
>could you?
>Even newer styles like techno, that also started as an anarchistic 
>movement have a distict beat and sound (and drug ;-), which is not 
>the case at all for the loopers comunity.
>So I am wondering more and more what the "thing" in looping is.
>Do you believe in loops? Sounds silly.
>Do you believe in the Echoplex? Sounds even more silly.
>Do you believe in Reilly, Fripp, Glass,,, Some may do so, but since 
>those idols sound very different, its not what makes the meetings 
>Are there leaders to the group? There are always people that have 
>thought and experienced more than others, so we listen better to what 
>Richard Z, DT, Kim,  sais, but if anyone of those would ask you to do 
>a certain thing, you would laugh out loud, so they have no power, the 
>whole movement is anarchistic!
>Maybe its about improvising. Looping definitally gives a new dimension to 
>Gary Hall got me from the air port and said more or less:
>"Its an approach to composition based on interaction between the 
>musician and the processing."
>We may have disussed it enough. There is no need for a conclusion, we 
>just do what we feel is right and enjoy and learn and grow...
>I just wanted to say that I am extremely exited about beeing here! :-)
>See you soon!
>          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org