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Re: a new kind of meeting

You know,  Its little messages like this that really
make me want to start the car and  head to California

Arrrrg... have a good time everyone, and send me pictures
of people in Loop shirts.  When I get enough of them I still
plan on putting up a page (this goes for everyone, not just
the California contingent.... I need photos in both exotic and
mundane locations).


Matthias Grob wrote:

> I am flying over the wast snowy US, full of expectations for new
> experiences. I have only been twice to US for a longer time:
> A raft trip down the Missisipy and hippy car travel to SF in '81
> A month at Gibson lab in '93 to update the LOOP delay to the Echoplex
> (thats when I met Kim).
> This time will be much different again, since I have the guitar with me.
> ... and I let the thoughts come: