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a new kind of meeting

I am flying over the wast snowy US, full of expectations for new 
experiences. I have only been twice to US for a longer time:
A raft trip down the Missisipy and hippy car travel to SF in '81
A month at Gibson lab in '93 to update the LOOP delay to the Echoplex 
(thats when I met Kim).
This time will be much different again, since I have the guitar with me.
... and I let the thoughts come:

There have been congresses about any kind of subject, where 
information is exchanged through speach and text.
There have been religious meetings to celebrate rituals of all kinds.
There have been concerts, festivals, where fans of some style 
apreciated it together.
There have been workshops, where practical knowedge has been tought 
in more or less free froms.

But have you heard of a meeting of users of a new technology or style?
Did the saxophone players meet in the 40ies to show the whide 
application of it to each other? Or the sythesizer players in the 
Or have you heard that musicians of some style met in a bigger number 
in a organized way to exchange their music and tricks?

What is it that looping has to call for such meetings?
Its not just now that it started. I dont know about the history, 
please complete here.
I had that vision from the very start and on the first flyer about 
the LOOP delay I suggested the foundation of:
  "LOOPGROOP, Forum for Loopology and repetitive happenings".

In '95, I started the first project to exchange tapes, which was not 
a success (since I was too far away and I am not a talent in 
organizing such things) but the tapes sent in ended up on the first 
Loopers-Delight CD.
Only Kim and the internet made the exchange possible, and if you read 
back the first postings to LD, you dont see "nice that there is a 
place now where I can ask how to connect my equipment" but: .......
Then more CDs, the CT project, Loop festivals kept naturally 
happening, iniciated by many different people. So its not like a 
religion that starts due to the inspiration of a guru, but due to the 
"thing" that makes us invest time and efforts into a comunity. Its as 
if we did believe in something that grows.

Sure the Rastas believe in Reggae, but first of all they believe in 
Jah, so its not the music that makes them meet. Country music has 
some background with cows and hats and trucks that I dont understand 
much about, but is definitally a lifestyle. Similar observations can 
be made about all musical styles, but not about looping, so far, or 
could you?
Even newer styles like techno, that also started as an anarchistic 
movement have a distict beat and sound (and drug ;-), which is not 
the case at all for the loopers comunity.

So I am wondering more and more what the "thing" in looping is.
Do you believe in loops? Sounds silly.
Do you believe in the Echoplex? Sounds even more silly.
Do you believe in Reilly, Fripp, Glass,,, Some may do so, but since 
those idols sound very different, its not what makes the meetings 
Are there leaders to the group? There are always people that have 
thought and experienced more than others, so we listen better to what 
Richard Z, DT, Kim,  sais, but if anyone of those would ask you to do 
a certain thing, you would laugh out loud, so they have no power, the 
whole movement is anarchistic!

Maybe its about improvising. Looping definitally gives a new dimension to 

Gary Hall got me from the air port and said more or less:
"Its an approach to composition based on interaction between the 
musician and the processing."

We may have disussed it enough. There is no need for a conclusion, we 
just do what we feel is right and enjoy and learn and grow...

I just wanted to say that I am extremely exited about beeing here! :-)
See you soon!

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org