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RE: rumour: repeater ceases production??

I heard this rumor at NAMM a lot--Jamie probably knows as much as anybody,
so let's believe him--every day is a new day.
I bought a repeater at GC and took it back the same day and exchanged it 
another EDP--the delay of the dry signal was a huge drag, I also didn't 
the way the Repeater handles MIDI clock tempo--looked like it was tempo
drive rather than size of the loop.  I don't need any of the extra stuff so
I think I'll be real happy with two EDPs--providing of course that the
second one works (what rocket scientist sent *DAVID TORN* a defective
unit?).  I heard the same rumor (Hey--here on the list) about the Echoplex,
so who knows, but I am sure The Auresis team will continue to support what
remains the (IMHHHO) finest looping delay ever created.