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OT: Equipment for sale

I'm still clearing out my studio of unused or significantly underused
equipment. Since I may be seeing several of you at Loopstock that might be 
convenient time to do a transfer if anyone is interested. Here's the list:

Roland VS880 (V Expanded) + VSF-1 effects board. Manuals. TurboStart video.
(I probably have the box if you want it.) $500 + shipping (if we can't just
do it via physical exchange)

Lexicon PCM-70, version 3 software, manual, essentially home studio use
only. $650 + shipping

Roland GP-100 COSM guitar preamp and multi-effects box. Lots of effects at
once. Lots of options for MIDI control. Slight dent in the top of the unit
(I bought it used so I don't know the history on that) but overall in good
condition. Includes manual. $300 + shipping.

If I need to bring any of these items to SLO, please let me know by