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Re: Loopstock Official Update

In a message dated 2/27/02 1:17:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, hans@ernieball.com writes:

Is anybody other than Mike LaMeyer planning on taping?  It would be nice
to have some redundancy there, for posterity.  CT-Loopstock?

what a great idea!.....even though i can not record at the event, i would be more than happy to work on getting a CT-LOOPSTOCK CD set done.....we will talk!......by the by, anyone that has cds of their own tunes, please bring them, i would like to bring a lot-o-music back home with me.....dont we have some film-makers on board, LOOPSTOCK THE VCR, ill buy or barter for one site unseen!.....im starting to shake!.....see ya.....michael klobuchar