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Re: mac laptop set-up

        Been using a similar setup for just over a week.  After much 
grief, I
think it's up and running smoothly.  Haven't yet tried it  in a live
setting.  I think I'll get my footing a little first.

        Running LIVE/LOGIC/REASON on  Tibook400 w/512MB.  If you plan on 
the multiple apps approach I would strongly suggest the Tibook.  Most
users say the 500Mhz is the best for audio but my 400 seems to do the
trick and I think it was alot cheaper.  I could use more RAM but get
along fine w/512.

        Live seems to have the best rewire implementation so I import the 
via rewire from Reason into Live on one channel and then create a
digital loop on the 828 to import Live's audio into Logic.  To set up
this rewire mode just launch Liver first, then Logic, then Reason.  This
enabels you to do all the sequencing in Logic.

        I've had three problems that no one has responded about.  Sometimes
certain channels in Live get frozen and their play buttons flash like
their paused.  So far I can't figure out how to remedy this situation
other than changing/switching ASIO channels or switching from one app
back to another.  Still doing tests in the studio.  I've never seen Live
have this prob running on it's own.

        Far less serious, Reason sometimes reports midi overload messages
during certain operations (i.e. start stop) of the Logic sequencer.  All
audio and midi keep functioning but it's still annoying and I've been
trouble shooting for days with no positive results.  Seems to happen
even when no midi is sent to Reason

        There seems to be a bug in Live, so that the preference for the
pre-listen audio channel is not saved.  I'm using ASIO and have to set
the channel each time I boot Live.

        Live is beautiful and revolutionary.  Great user interface, nice
effects routing implementation.  Might take a minute before it's as
reliable as a six string guitar:-)


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