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Boston gig spam > david goodrich w/dosage > zeitgeist 3/3/02

Hey, folks. A focus on loop at this Sunday's "sketchpad" at the Zeitgeist
Gallery in Cambridge. Ambient cinema-jazz from David Goodrich, and
improvised psychedelic noise from dosage, both looping on their Line 6
DL4's. And a looper-jam between the two, to follow!


a.i.m. is proud to present, as part of the ongoing new music series "the
Sketchpad" at the Zeitgeist Gallery....

David Goodrich -- guitar & looping

Sunday, February 3rd, 8:00 pm

Zeitgeist Gallery
312 Broadway (at Norfolk)
Cambridge, MA
(outside Central Sq.)
$6, all ages

w/ dosage (guitar, loops, & noise)
and a loop-heavy jam session!

David "Goody" Goodrich is an acclaimed guitarist and composer, well known
for his involvement with the legendary Boston outfit Groovasaurus, and a
highly regarded accompanist, writer, and producer in a wide variety of
settings, from funk to film music to singer-songwriter pop. His first solo
release, "Failure of the Doping Summit," is a reflective guitar-centric
trip through a subtle lo-fi landscape, alive with movement and thick with
ambient textures.

>From a Folkweb.com review of the album:

"A recording of improvisation-based electric and acoustic music, the album
moves through a varying aural landscape characteristic of Goody's
distinctively intuitive and evocative sound. An essentially jazz
adventure, 'Failure' is influenced by ethnic strains of African, blues and
surrealist traditions; it is moody, eerie, joyous, dark. It is cinephonic

Goody's musical vision was shaped during his years at the Berklee College
of Music, where he studied with Joe Henderson and Pat Metheny. With
Groovasaurus he became a fixture on the Boston concert scene, with the
band winning back-to-back Boston Music Awards in 1996 & 1997, and Boston
Magazine's Best of Boston 1998. He is currently co-writing, performing &
producing with award-winning artist Peter Mulvey, recording and performing
with highly acclaimed singer/songwriter Rose Polenzani, and continuing to
work as a solo performer, recently opening for Marc Ribot at Johnny D's.

dosage is a Boston-based ambient/noise artist, whose music uses a
two-string baritone guitar, electricity, and 60-cycle hum as source
material for improvised, loop-based, psychedelic noise.


a.i.m. is a newly-launched freeform collective dedicated to the
advancement of fringe independent music, and the deconstruction of the
stagnant commercial mainstream. The "sketchpad" series at the Zeitgeist
Gallery will present artists from genres such as ambient, noise,
free-improv, loop, IDM, and sonic art. The series will occur on the first
& third Sunday of every month. a.i.m. is a subsidiary of the Boston-based
indie label Telepathy Records.



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