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Loopstock Official Update

Dear Loopers,

I wanted to try to get a message out before everyone begins their
journeys to Loopstock.  Everything's coming together quite well, and
I'll be glad to finally have this thing actually happen.  Thanks to
everybody for all your support and encouragement - it's made this a very
rewarding task already.  The buzz is going around town, so I think this
may be a relatively well-attended event, aside from all of the loopers

I've placed a link to Mapquest maps and driving directions on
http://www.armatronix.com  which should get get you there from basically
anywhere.  If you know the town, you'll probably know a better way to
get here, but otherwise here are the simplest directions once you reach
San Luis Obispo:

>From the north on U.S. Hwy. 101:  Get off on the Broad St. exit.  Make
the next three immediate rights (after the off-ramp) and then the next
left.  This will put you on the other side of the freeway back onto
Broad Street.  Follow the directions below.

>From the south on U.S. Hwy. 101: Get of on the Broad Street exit.  At
the Mission Plaza, jog right then left to stay on Broad.  Drive
Southeast on Broad approximately three miles until you see a Mitsubishi
dealership on the left. The next street after the dealership is Francis
Street.  I'll put balloons up on the street sign to make it easy to
spot.  Make a left on Francis and park.  The venue will be on the left
side of middle of the first block.

Please arrive by 2:00 p.m.  There's no need to come early, because there
will be a dance class in session.  However, I would like everyone to be
there at 2:00 so we can get started immediately.

Once again, the performance schedule:  (I guess everybody's satisfied
with their time slot - THANK YOU!)

2:00-2:30  Set-up and socialize
2:40-3:10  Stanitarium (Stan Card)
3:20-3:50  Steven Rice
4:00-4:30  Mark Hamburg
4:40-5:10  Sleeping (Mark Sottilaro, Valerie Hilligan & Katrin Schenk)
5:20-5:50  Jon Wagner
6:00-6:30  Matthias Grob

6:30-7:00  Break

7:00-7:30  Rich Atkinson & Cliff Novey 
7:40-8:10  Max Valentino
8:20-8:50  Dr. Richard Zvonar
9:00-9:30  Rick Walker's Loop.pooL
9:40-10:10  Ted Killian w/ Dr. Bob Sterling
10:20-10:50  Tom Heasley
11:00-11:30  Bill Walker
11:40-12:10  armatronix (Hans Lindauer & Daniel Seymour)

If you think you may need more than 30 minutes to set up, please plan on
starting early.

There will be a video projector (maybe two).  Please bring a video for
your set if you have something that you want playing behind you.  I
prefer VHS format, but if you have a DVD, I can borrow a player (please
let me know).  We can also accommodate a laptop with an S-Video or RCA
output.  If you don't have anything, we'll take care of it.  If you
don't want video, we can do that too.

I'll have folding tables available for you to use for gear during your

Is anybody other than Mike LaMeyer planning on taping?  It would be nice
to have some redundancy there, for posterity.  CT-Loopstock?

For anybody around on Friday night looking for something to do,
Armatronix will be using live loops to Battle the Cut Devils'
pre-recorded loops at Sweet Springs Saloon.  At the door, the secret
Looper's code to get in free is the "L" on your forehead with your thumb
and forefinger.  Please let me know if you need directions to the venue.

I'm sure there's plenty more that you'll need to know, but I can't think
of anything else right now, so I'll turn it over for discussion.  After
Thursday afternoon, the best way to get ahold of me with last-minute
things is by calling (805)534-1009.

Please travel safely, and I'll see you all very soon,

-Hans Lindauer