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Re: Loopstock question-

I missed that question.  Yes, the video will still be happening in VHS
for sure.  Stay tuned for more info....


> >I also need to know if the video projection is still happening- and if
> >so what format will it require?
> I have two VHS tapes from a show I did called "Almost Solo". Lotsa very
> cool, if random, images "borrowed" from the Discovery Channel, TLC etc. 
> edited (professionally)into 7-8 min segements with 30 sec. of black 
> them....lot of randomized science and nature stuff (for the show I
> projectsed three of these tapes over 7 different monitors scattered 
> the stage...and improvised music/loops to it). HAns asked me to bring 
> along...and I believe he has some stuff of his own, too.
> Max