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Re: new EDP question

Can you try the new EDP with a regular, passive volume pedal with a mono 
cable instead of TRS expression pedals?  Maybe the newer EDPs are less 
tolerant?  Kim's Echoplex pages recommend the Boss FV-50L pedal while 
sounding a little surprised that the EV-5  worked:

To build or modify a pedal for EDP feedback, 
says to use a 20k ohm or greater pot between tip and sleeve.

For your old unit, these links might explain heat-induced weirdness.  If 
it is pre-1997 vintage you might need to clip an IC pin 
and for pre-mid-1998 models, the power supply's voltage regulator can be 
updated to run much cooler according to
http://www.loopers-delight.com/LDarchive/200012/msg00235.html and


Mark Hamburg wrote:
>Not that there's time, but do we need a session at Loopstock for not
>entirely healthy EDPs? David will just have to fly out, I guess. ;-)
>My problems:
>* New unit (I've had it only a couple weeks): It really doesn't like the
>Roland EV-5 as a feedback pedal. My old EDP works just fine with the same
>pedal. The range was really wierd (to the point of not being usable) but 
>didn't seem to have as much trouble with my Yamaha expression pedal. For
>now, I've been driven to using my FC-200 to control my EDPs (a set up that
>I'm trying to get attuned to before Loopstock).
>* Old unit (purchased in 1998): I demonstrated last night that having a
>little too much heat in the rack can result in really bad noises from the
>EDP. The unit was sitting on top of a Korg AM8000R and my guess is that
>there just wasn't enough airflow. I've rearranged my rack and I'm keeping 
>fingers crossed, but I was muttering to myself last night as the problems
>started that I must be cursed.