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Re: NY dealer question

If you go to www.electrixpro.com you can download a pdf of the manual.

The Repeater doesn't really have a hard drive, but it does have 8 megs
of ram.  I guess in some sense, you could call the CFC drive a hard
drive, and it comes with a 16 meg version, upgradable to as much as 256
meg.  That's all non volatile memory, except for the 8 meg of hard wired
ram.  That means, you can cut the power (not during record hopefully...)
and turn it back on and your loop is still there.

I hope that helps, but if you go to the Looper's Delight site you can
read reviews and search the archives for all the info you could ever

Mark Sottilaro

> the general reaction that i get when i ask about this
> machine is that it has a hard drive and i'm assuming
> that none of the dealers understand how it works.  i
> bought a boss rc-20 that i am currently using, but if
> the repeater does what i have heard it can do, then
> i'd like to get rid of my rc-20 and get the repeater,
> but i only have about a half of a month to do this
> before i lose my 30 day money back garauntee on the
> rc-20.
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